Why Pacemaker?

LaModula is an online shop that develops and sells organic products such as stone pine beds, solid wood furniture, sleeping systems and natural bedding. The shop was awarded as the best web shop at the end of 2019.

In order to be able to carry out the order processing across channels, LaModula decided to use an ERP system. The choice fell on BMD, a software company that supplies ERP system. The next step was to find a solution for data synchronization between ERP system and LaModula online shop. 

Pacemaker has been integrated for this purpose in order to ensure smooth systems updates.

La Modula GmbH

"Sleep peacefully and live naturally" - that is the mission of LaModula. With a hand-picked assortment of high-quality, organic products such as pine beds, solid wood furniture, sleeping systems and natural bedding, the company from Villach in Austria ensures a dreamlike sleeping environment for its customers. The raw material for LaModula furniture comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests. The wood is purchased regionally. The pine-trees comes from Austria. The products are manufactured in cooperation with partner companies.


The initial goal was to set up a flawless process for exporting and importing customer data and sales entities into the ERP system, as well as maintaining data consistency. And it was challenging to build an efficient and stable automatic data transferring process between the ERP system and LaModula online shop.


The best solution was Pacemaker integration to coordinate and execute data export and import. Pacemaker has developed a two-way synchronisation of large amounts of data, while providing seamless integration. It helped us to import new customer data, invoices, shipment, credit memo, update data for existing customers and orders based on changes in the ERP system, and export such as catalog data, customers, offers, orders as a guest user and as an existing customer.


As a result we have a streamlined and secured synchronization process. Pacemaker ensures all data is always up-to-date from both LaModula shop and ERP system.

Facts and figures


Products1,384 - export time is <10 sec
Orders27,569 (931 in New Order status) - export time is about 30 sec
Customer13,553 - export time is about 4 min 30 sec
Offers12,537 - export time is about 9 min
Credit Memo966
FrequencyEvent based / stauts dependent

Amount of Data

Store View6
SKUs~ 1384



Magento VersionMagento Open Source 2.3.3