Why Pacemaker?

As part of a comprehensive digital strategy EGLO decided to launch a webshop, which had to be connected to the existing SAP infrastructure and to Akeneo PIM as source for product data.

It had to be ensured that on the one hand master data is reliably imported into the shop and on the other hand order data is transferred to SAP for further processing. Pacemaker provides exactly for this purpose the perfect control unit.

Eglo Leuchten GmbH

About 50 years ago, the founder Ludwig Obwieser put the following qualities into the cradle of the company: determination, perseverance and constant further development. His story is not only celebrated, but one he can be proud of. As one of the world market leaders, and number 1 in Europe for decorative domestic and outdoor lighting as well as illuminants with LED technology, EGLO has taken up the challenge of digitization and launched its own e-commerce platform.


When the project started, the major challenge was that neither processes nor infrastructure necessary to run an eCommerce-System had been available. While an early version of Akeneo had been used to maintain data for running a closed B2B shop based on Magento 2, it became more than clear during the requirements engineering process that the Akeneo export doesn't provide the structure for import by the Pimgento tool. The challenge was to build a rock solid catalog for scaling up to an eCommerce-System to be finally rolled out in more than 35 countries.


In order to save costs on the one hand, but on the other hand also to ensure that a solid basis for future expansion with corresponding scalability is given, it was decided not to use the Pacemaker Enterprise Edition. Since Akeneo can provide the standard import formats for categories, products and attributes, this solution ensures that the import processes are on a solid basis and do not need to be revised when the platform is expanded and converted to Enterprise as needed.


Combining cost efficiency with requirements, the use of Pacemaker to connect third party systems was the best solution to ensure future growth was possible while at the same time ensuring the greatest possible flexibility.

Facts and figures


Imported EntitiesCategories
 Attribute Options(Dynamic Option Creation)
Import FrequencyProducts: Once per Day
 Categories: Once per Day
 Attributes: Manually
RuntimeProducts: ~2 minutes
 Categories: ~2 seconds
 Attributes: ~1 second

Amount of Data

Websites 1
Store View1
Attribute Sets2
Attributes ~150
Attribute Options~ 750
Categories~ 100
SKUs~ 5.000
 ~ 5.000 Simples



Pacemaker 1.1*Process-Pipelines
 Full Catalog Pipeline

M2IF PE 3.7.*

Default Mode (no Single Transaction)
 Performance Booster (via Batch Processing


Magento VersionMagento EE 2.3
ERPAkeneo 1