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Cron Jobs or Automated Background Processes in Magento

Like all web applications, Magento initially works according to a so-called client-server principle. Therefore, the actual calculation of the data does not take place in a software already installed on the computer, but on a remote server. 

Vadim Justus19.10.2020

Magento 2 Product Import

Apart from the control of processes, a central component of Pacemaker consists of the framework for the import of products. Being a framework on the one hand and a complete solution for the import of the entire catalog on the other hand, the product import, which is still frequently based on CSV files, is actually the main focus of Pacemaker.

Tim Wagner22.09.2020

News - August 2020

A lot has happened in the first six months. We have tried to use the partial shutdown caused by Covid-19 as much as possible and therefore we have put a lot of time, energy and love into the development of our modules.

Tim Wagner28.07.2020

Sample Data Import

In the Quickstart you'll find detailed information about Pacemaker - Simple Console Tool installation and usage. To give you a better impression, what is possible with Pacemaker, we've a running example that is based on a Magento 2 Sample Data installation. Follow these steps to delete, replace and add/update products + categories in a Magento 2 installation with the Sample Data provided by Magento.

Tim Wagner27.06.2020

Product Import on AWS is Slowing Down

Running Magento on AWS has a lot of advantages for sure, but in some cases you'll probably face problems which will be hard to achive.

Tim Wagner27.06.2020

Change the import date format

Depending on the respective environment, it may be necessary, for example, to adapt the format for the format contained in the CSV files to the respective locale.

Tim Wagner27.06.2020

Importing Images - Part 1

In some cases, it'll be handsome, if it would be possible to import the images only, assuming the products are available. As Pacemaker comes as a framework, this is built-in for sure. So, you'll have to options to do that. The first option, and this what part 1 of the Best Practices are, is to use the default product import.

Tim Wagner27.06.2020

Significantly Reduced Memory Footprint 

As Pacemaker uses the goodby/csv streaming library to read the content of a CSV file row by row, it has already been optimized for a very low memory consumption. But up with version 3.5.0 we've reduced the memory footprint again signifacantly.

Tim Wagner27.06.2020

Link Type Update Only

As explained in our blog post Product Status Update Only, there may be situations you want or can use M2IF as framework. This blog post gives you an idea of a declarative approach to break down the general product import functionality down to update the link types only without any coding.

Tim Wagner27.06.2020

Product Status Update Only

In some cases, you want or can use M2IF as framework, e. g. when it comes to the case, the workflow has to be customized heavily. This blog post gives you an idea of a declarative approach to break down the general product import functionality down to update the product status only without any coding.

Tim Wagner17.03.2020

CE 3.8.12 Released 

This release includes new features, such as refactoring of the cache warming, and contains several bug fixes as well as the separation of the configuration interfaces to further increase stability. 

Tim Wagner01.05.2020

CE 3.8.8 Released

Besides optimizing the debug mode, this version fixes some bugs and brings a new command for the dedicated import of URL rewrites.

Tim Wagner15.03.2020

CE 3.8.6 Released

This version provides some bugfixes and optimizations. 

Tim Wagner13.02.2020

CE 3.7.14 Released

This version fixes an issue that prevents product-level RMA activation for Magento Commerce from being enabled or disabled via import.

Tim Wagner13.02.2020