TechDivision as open source driven company, decided to publish and operate M2IF as real open source software. We're convinced, that this will be the best way to make M2IF itself part of the Magento community and let developers, like you, interested to help pushing Magento up to a new level, be part of the project. If you want to contribute - and we request you to do this - have a look at our Github repository.

Please keep in mind, that M2IF - simple console tool and all its libraries are licensed under the Open Source License 3.0 (OSL-3.0) which provides a maximum of flexibility to you and also to us. This ensures, that we as company are enabled to influence the project in a way that fits our visions and needs on the one hand and secures investments for all involved parties on the other hand.

Get the latest version of M2IF - Simple Console Tool free and enjoy the most powerful Magento 2 importer in the world with only one click! If you've any problems or questions, and you can't find an answer in our Documentation, feel free to contact us on Gitter.

One possible installation option, we especially recommend for testing purposes, is the executable PHAR file import-cli-simple.phar file for download. This version supports Magento 2.3.x and higher.

We STRONGLY recommend, that you have a look at our upgrade guide, before upgrading!

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