Josef Högl founded his company with a lot of pioneering spirit and zest for action, which - grown over 80 years and generations - inspires the women's world with high-quality and fashionable women's shoes. As the number of products that has to be import from Akeneo will be manageable, Pimgento will be used in this case, especially as it promised to work Out-of-the-Box, what finally was NOT true, as we figured out during the project. Beside the transformation of the import files provided by the AS400 system, the customer and the customer address import has been the main callenges when building the Unified-Commerce-Platform for Högl.


The files provided by the AS400 doesn't have default CSV format and encoding. They need to be converted extracted into the different import entities and encoded in UTF-8 format. As many import entities has to be serviced EIP has to take care that the conversion and import processes will be streamlined and doesn't conflict with each other.


EIP comes with a set of libraries that provides the functionality to convert several import formats into the default CSV formats that will be supported by EIP. During conversion, the more or less general files from the AS400 system will be extracted into files containing the data in the expected CSV formats for the target entities. The conversion itself has been realized as M2IF libraries, can be configured by the M2IF workflow engine and finally has been integrated as separated step of the import process invoked and protected by the process pipelines.


Alle the conversion and import processes has been streamlined whereas the process pipelines, that are part of EIP, take care that the conversion and import processes doesn't results in deadlocks or data inconsistency. The processed can be monitored within the Magento backend and will fully transparent for the customer as well as the solution partner that maintains the Unified-Commerce-Plattform.



EIP 3.1.* Converter
M2IF 3.1.x Default Mode (no Single Transaction)
Product (Price, Stock + Images)
Customer Address

Entities / Frequency

Imported entities Products (Delivery Date only)
Product Images
Customer Addresses
Import frequency Stock, MSI + Product [Frequency: max. every 15 minutes, Runtime: ~8 seconds]
Price [Frequency: max. every 30 minutes, Runtime: ~60 seconds]
Images [Frequency: manually, Runtime: ~2 minutes]
Customer, Customer Addresses + B2B Companies [Frequency: triggered by AS400, Runtime: ~1 second]


Magento Version Magento EE 2.3 + MSI + B2B
ERP Akeneo 2

Amount of data

Websites ~50
Stores ~50
Store Views ~70
Attribute Sets ~5
Attributes ~140
Attribute options ~1.700
Categories ~119
SKUs ~36.000
~35.000 Simples
~1.600 Configurables
Customers n/a
Customer Addresses n/a
Companies (B2B) n/a
Product Images 5 GB, as Akeneo had problems to handle this amount of images
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