HÖGL shoe fashion GmbH

Josef Högl founded his company with a lot of pioneering spirit and zest for action, which - grown over 80 years and generations - inspires the women's world with high-quality and fashionable women's shoes.

Use Case

In the beginning, several interfaces had to be considered for this project. The AS400 was placed at the initial system. The price and stock import had to be adapted by taking the different stock levels into account based on the Magento 2.3 newly available MSI (Multi Stock Inventory). In addition to the transformation of the import files provided by the AS400 system, the import of customer and customer addresses was the biggest challenge in setting up the Unified-Commerce-Platform for Högl. To further optimize the complex situations for data import/export, the Pacemaker was integrated.


The import files presented by the AS400 could be provided in the M2IF (Magento 2 Import Framework) required CSV format with UTF-8 encoding. One of the difficulties of the project was to extract the provided data into the different entities and present it in UTF-8 format. Therefore Pacemaker ensures that the conversion and import processes operate efficiently via M2IF and helps to avoid functional conflicts.


Among other things, M2IF comes with libraries that offer the functionality to convert different import formats into the expected standard CSV format. During the conversion, the cumulated files are extracted from the AS400 system for the respective target entities, such as the customer data. The transformation itself was realized based on the M2IF libraries in the form of an additional step and fitted seamlessly into the process by a simple adaptation of the configuration of the workflow engine integrated into M2IF.


The conversion and import processes have been optimized toward performance, while Pacemaker ensures that there are no collisions with other procedures such as indexing. That avoids data inconsistencies and guarantees that the products displayed in the Online Store are up-to-date. The processing can be monitored within the Magento backend and is entirely transparent for the customer and the solution partner who manages the unified commerce platform.


Pacemaker 1.1.* Converter
Customer Pipeline
Price Pipeline
Stock Pipeline
M2IF PE 3.7.* Default Mode (no Single Transaction)
Performance Booster (via Batch Processing)

Entities / Frequency

Imported entities Products (Delivery Date only)
Product Images
Customer Addresses
Import frequency Stock, MSI + Product [Frequency: max. every 15 minutes, Runtime: ~8 seconds]
Price [Frequency: max. every 30 minutes, Runtime: ~60 seconds]
Images [Frequency: manually, Runtime: ~2 minutes]
Customer, Customer Addresses + B2B Companies [Frequency: triggered by AS400, Runtime: ~1 second]


Magento Version Magento EE 2.3 + MSI + B2B
ERP Akeneo 2

Amount of data

Websites ~50
Stores ~50
Store Views ~70
Attribute Sets ~5
Attributes ~140
Attribute options ~1.700
Categories ~119
SKUs ~52.000
~49.500 Simples
~2.300 Configurables
Customers n/a
Customer Addresses n/a
Companies (B2B) n/a
Product Images 5 GB, as Akeneo had problems to handle this amount of images
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