The Gabor Shoes AG based in Rosenheim is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality, fashionable women's shoes. Beside the integration of MOM, the product import has been one of the project challenges.


Gabor has been the first project that uses M2IF. With the start of the project, it was clear that a huge amount of products has to be imported and the Magento 2 standard import will not be the apropriate solution for that. Beside the huge amount of products, the challenges has been‚ that gabor was not able to provide one complete file with all the necessary data that has to be imported. Instead 4 bunches, each with parts of the data, needs to imported.


Based on the bunch functionality M2IF provides, which has originally not been designed to fit those requirements, with no additional implemenaton effort, it has been possible to import the 4 bunches in a row, starting with all the simple products, followed by their link types, the images and the status information will be imported, whereas the data needs NOT to be merged before. To ensure data consistency, the complete process is wrapped within one transactions which makes sure, the either the complete data will be updated or the import will be rolled back, if errors occur.


When the marketplace goes online, round about 4.000 products with one website as well as one store and store view has to be imported. Meanwhile, as Gabor is not able to provide a delta upate, each day ~245.000 products including link types, images and prices has to be updated. The biggest CSV file actually contains ~620.000 lines (~123 MB) whereas the smalest one comes with ~14.000 lines (~5 MB). The single transaction mode ensures that product, price and stock updates, indepenedent in full or delta mode, will always be consistent and will either be complete in its entirety or have no effect whatsoever. Additionally the single transaction mode can massively speed up the import process, because all DML statements will be processed at once to persist the data to the database, when the transaction will be committed. More details can be found in the customer success story on the solution partners website.



EIP 2.2.* Product Batch
Performance Booster (necessary for Single Transaction Mode when using EE)
M2IF 2.2.* Functionality (Import consist of 4 CSV files)
Single Transaction Mode

Entities / Frequency

Imported entities Products
Import frequency Once per day, Runtime: ~75 minutes


Magento Version Magento EE 2.2 + MOM
ERP cpa.ShoeFactory via Lobster

Amount of data

Websites 50
Stores 3
Store Views 3
Attributes ~110
Attribute-Options ~250
SKUs ~245.000
~230.000 Simples
~15.000 Configurables
Categories 67
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