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Gabor Shoes AG, based in Rosenheim, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality women's shoes. Gabor is the best-known women's shoe brand in Germany. In addition to fashionable topicality, fit and workmanship quality are the essential characteristics of the Gabor brand shoe. The family-owned company has been in existence for more than 60 years and is managed by Achim Gabor in the 2nd generation. Many years of experience form the basis of what the company calls "Gabor quality". The company's headquarters are in Rosenheim, in the south of Germany.

Use Case

Gabor Shoes AG, headquartered in Rosenheim, is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality, fashionable women's shoes. Besides the integration of the Magento Order Management System (MOM) into the new Gabor marketplace, the product import was one of the challenges of the project.


Gabor was the first project using M2IF. At the beginning of the project, it was clear that a large number of products had to be imported and the Magento 2 standard import would not be the right solution. Besides the considerable amount of products, one request for Gabor was, to be able to provide one complete file with all the necessary data to import. Since it was an immense effort for Gabor to provide one file to import the decision was made to use four bunches. Each of the four bunches containing parts of the data, have to be imported and then linked again.


Based on the bunch functionality provided by M2IF, which was initially not tailored to these requirements, it was possible to import the four bunches one after the other without any additional implementation effort, starting with all simple products, followed by their link types, images, and status information, whereby the data NOT must be merged beforehand. To ensure data consistency the entire process is packaged into one transaction that ensures that either the complete data is updated or the import is reset in the event of an error.


When the GABOR marketplace went online, around 4,000 products had to be imported with a website, a store and a store view. Since Gabor cannot provide a delta update, ~250,000 products including link types, images and prices have to be updated daily. The most massive CSV file contains ~620,000 lines (~123 MB), while the smallest contains ~14,000 lines (~5 MB). Single Transaction mode ensures that product, price and inventory updates, whether full or delta, are always consistent and either complete or not at all. Besides, Single Transaction mode can significantly speed up the import process, since all DML statements are processed at once to obtain the data in the database as soon as the transaction is transferred. For more details, see the Customer Success Story on the TechDivision implementation partner's website.


EIP 2.2.* Product Batch
Performance Booster (necessary for Single Transaction Mode when using EE)
M2IF 2.2.* Functionality (Import consist of 4 CSV files)
Single Transaction Mode

Entities / Frequency

Imported entities Products
Import frequency Once per day
Runtime ~55 minutes


Magento Version Magento EE 2.2 + MOM
ERP cpa.ShoeFactory via Lobster

Amount of data

Websites 2
Stores 2
Store Views 2
Attributes ~110
Attribute-Options ~250
SKUs ~250.000
~240.000 Simples
~16.000 Configurables
Categories 67
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