About 50 years ago, the founder Ludwig Obwieser put the qualities of determination, perseverance and constant further development into the company's cradle. He has thus written a success story that is not only celebrated, but of which he can also be proud.


As the global market leader of luminaires, EGLO decided to accept the challenge of digitalization and determined the need of a ecommerce platform finally in 2017. When the project starts, the challenge was, that whether the processes nor the infrastructure that will be necessary to run an eCommerce-System, has been available. While an early version of Akeneo has been used to maintain data that should be used to run a closed B2B shop based on Magento 2, during the requirements engineering process it became clear that the data that can be provided by the Akeneo export doesn't has the structure that it can be imported by using Pimgento. The challenge was to build a rock solid catalog that will be able to scale up to an eCommerce-System that finally will be rolled out in more than 35 countries.


To save costs but to have a solid base for future enhancements as well as the possiblity to scale up when needed, the decision has been to use M2IF without EIP. As Akeneo can provide the default M2IF import formats for categories, products and attributes this solution ensures that the import processes are on the solid base and doesn't need to be refactored when scaling up the platform and switching to EIP when necessary.


Focusing on cost efficiency and fullfilling the requirements for the actual scope, using M2IF has been the best solution to make sure that future growth will be possible with a minimum of additional effort and costs.



M2IF 2.2 Default Mode (no Single Transaction)

Entities / Frequency

Imported entities Categories
Attribute Options (Dynamic Option Creation)
Import frequency Attribute [Frequency: manually, Runtime: ~1 second]
Category Import [Frequency: once per day, Runtime: ~2 seconds]
Product Import [Frequency: once per day, Runtime: ~2 minutes]


Magento Version Magento EE 2.2
ERP Akeneo 1

Amount of data

Websites 1
Stores 1
Store Views 1
Attribute Sets 2
Attributes ~150
Attribute options ~750
Categories ~100
SKUs ~5.000
~5.000 Simples
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