Known Issues

  • Up from Magento 2 EE 2.1.10 using the single transaction mode has a massive performance impact (can only be used WITHOUT single transaction)


  • Fixed techdivision/import#147
  • Fixed techdivision/import-product-media#36
  • Fixed missing method MissingOptionValuesPlugin::isDebugMode()
  • Fixed invalid cache initialization on missing default configuration
  • Fixed issue with invalid return value of LocalCacheAdapter::isCached($key) method
  • Fixed issue when renaming images with the same filename withing one import process
  • Fixed issue in SimpleFileResolver that causes an exception when old CSV files without a .ok file are available in the source directory


  • Add techdivision/import-product-media#35
  • Add functionality to override DI aliases in the configuration file
  • Optimize SQL to load image types in the optimal order for further processing
  • Impovements to significantly lower the memory footprint in production mode ~60 %
  • Add LocalCacheAdapter implementation for maximum performance and declare it as the default one
  • Refactor cache integration for PSR-6 compatibility, optimize for multiprocess and -threaed environments and allow configuration via configuration file

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