This is the first offical release of the 3.1.x branch that fully supports Magento 2.3.x CE/EE. Beside the support for the latest Magento version, this release primarly added support for

  • Customer + Customer Address Import
  • Attribute Set + Attribute Group Import
  • Creating Missing Option Values on-the-fly

Check it out - we can't wait for your feedback!!!

Known Issues

  • Up from Magento 2 EE 2.1.10 using the single transaction mode has a massive performance impact (can only be used WITHOUT single transaction)


  • Fixed techdivision/import-product-variant#21
  • Fixed techdivision/import-category#50
  • Fixed techdivision/import-category#51
  • Fixed techdivision/import-category#52
  • Fixed techdivision/import-category#55
  • Fixed techdivision/import-category#56


  • Add attribute set/gruop import functionality
  • Add customer + customer address import functionality
  • Update doctrine + JMS serializer dependencies
  • Add Converter implementations to convert numbers and dates to the expected Magento 2 format
  • Add Serializer to serializer/unserialize field values, e. g. from/to additional_attribute column
  • Update configuration initialization to allow passing additional parameters on the command line that'll be merged with the configuration file
  • Migrate dynamic creation of EAV attribute option values/swatches form techdivision/import-attribute 2.x version

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