Awesome Features!

M2IF comes with a set of powerful components, that supports you to build lightning fast and rock solid import services

Common Entity Types

Support for Product, Category, Customer, Customer Address as well as Attribute + Attribute Set/Group import

Product Types

Supports Simple, Variant, Bundle Product Types and provides functionality for Inventory, Price, Relations, and Media type import

Dynamic Option Values

Missing Option Values can be created on-the-fly if necessary and wanted

Dynamic Image Types

Configurable and dynamic image types allows to configure and import unlimited additional image types

Different Operations

Delete, Add/Update + Replace Import Operations on supported Entity Types

Bunch Support

Import entities from multiple source files in one import process within a single transaction and rollback on errors

Archiving Artefacts

Automatically archive imported artefacts after finishing the import process

Workflow Engine

Configurable and powerful Workflow Engine that allows a fine grained customization of the import process to fit the requirements of nearly every use case

Consistent Data

Configurable clean-up functionality for category relations, media gallery and empty fields for important add/update operation

File Handling

Handle multiple import files by an intelligent .OK file and move import files to temporary directory while processing them

Multithreading and -processing

Built to support multiprocess and -threaded environments for massive performance improvements in huge import scenarios


Command Line Interface to invoke import commands and maintenance tasks

  ... and best of all it´s completely open source!